How We Work

PERIL’s approach happens in three steps, focused on Initiating Knowledge, Testing and Incubating, and Implementing and Scale-Up.

PERIL’s pre-preventative framework aims to build social cohesion and democratic resilience while centering the needs of targeted groups, victims, and survivors. In partnership with community groups, local governments, educators, counselors, and other civil society actors, we create effective prevention tools and resources including toolkits and guides, education and media literacy interventions, short-form videos, and training programs. All of our interventions are developed based on holistic research and rigorous testing.

We advocate for a public health approach to preventing violent extremism and creating resilient democracies. Public health approaches require four integrated components. 

Interventions must be

rooted in communities’ needs

holistic, whole-of-society, and whole of government


focused on creating resilient systems, not just resilient individuals

Our Process

Our approach assumes that no one is immune to harmful propaganda and conspiracies and the persuasive strategies used to spread them. Strategies to address extremist violence and its precursors need to be rooted in mainstream resilience across all sectors of society. 

All PERIL interventions include deep listening and analysis of online and offline spaces prior to intervention development. This includes focus groups, listening sessions, ethnographic fieldwork, and mapping of online propaganda, memes, and persuasive rhetoric. Using those insights, we design intervention strategies– which include short-form videos (video-based inoculation), community-based trainings and advising, and a variety of toolkits and guides to help people recognize red flags and act to intervene and interrupt early radicalization. Our tools are written and tested for broad online populations and for on-the-ground communities of parents and caregivers, educators, coaches, mental health counselors, faith leaders, youth mentors, small business owners, local government officials, and more. We are committed to providing evidence of what works and sharing it, along with our methodologies and tools.

Our Divisions

Translational Research and Education Development

The TRED team develops and tests evidence-based resources rooted in public health approaches to prevention. We aim to equip communities and practitioners with tools to prevent radicalization and violence and offer transparent, tested strategies to shore up capacity and build new skills.

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The Extremism Research & Intervention Studio

ERIS is home to PERIL’s work in the world of online communication. The ERIS team is responsible for maintaining PERIL’s deep knowledge of online cultures, mapping narratives and rhetoric of extremist and conspiracy theory spaces, and informing PERIL’s primary research and monitoring strategies.

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PERIL Global

PERIL Global seeks a world in which prevention approaches are as important as securitized ones in the fight against extremist violence. We seek common strategies to the challenges of democratic resilience.

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PERIL offers various training programs and webinars in a range of formats to cater to the needs of educators, practitioners, communities, and governments at the local, municipal, state, and federal levels. Our workshops and training programs are designed to help individuals and organizations build resilience against extremism and polarization.

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