PERIL is the leading institution dedicated to delivering research-based and data-driven trainings that build resilience against polarization and extremism.

Our expert team provides customizable workshops, webinars, and comprehensive training programs to educators, practitioners, and governments at the local, municipal, state and federal level.

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Trainings Offered

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BRICK Toolkit:
Building Resilient Communities of Knowledge

A resource specifically designed to help the higher education sector proactively build resilient campuses and reduce risks associated with polarization and extremism. BRICK trainings provide practical strategies for identifying and responding to the risk of radicalization and polarization, both online and offline. Trainings can be tailored for faculty, staff, students, or campus administrators.

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Constructive Speech in Contentious Times

Explore the delicate balance between free speech rights and the consequences of hate speech. Learn to recognize and address harmful rhetoric and foster a culture of constructive dialogue.

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Tailored Programs

Collaborate with us to design a training program specifically suited to your organization’s goals and challenges.

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Signs of Youth Radicalization

Equip yourself with the knowledge to recognize and understand the signs of radicalization, extremism, and potential harmful behavior. Learn strategies for prevention and intervention.

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In-house training: Summer Institute

PERIL’s Summer Institute is an annual week-long residential training and education program aimed at building early career practitioner capacity and understanding of a public health approach to resilience against the risk of polarization, extremism, conspiracy theory culture, and political violence. The Institute features lectures, panel discussions, and interactive workshops led by experts in the field. Participants gain knowledge and skills to better understand and address the complex issues of polarization and extremism in their communities. The program is designed for a diverse range of professionals, including mental health providers, educators, community leaders, and social service providers.

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