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Our Approach

We utilize a public health approach to design, test, and scale-up evidence-based tools and intervention strategies to prevent hate, bias, and extremist radicalization.

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Initiating Knowledge

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Testing and Incubating

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Implementing and Scale-Up

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We are committed to providing evidence of what works and sharing it, along with our methodologies and tools.

All of our tools and videos are tested through pre- and post-testing and/or with comparison groups, and are designed with rigorous research from the ground up- nationally representative surveys, focus groups and listening sessions with practitioners, interviews, and participant observation.

All PERIL interventions are tested for effectiveness, typically on survey-based platforms using either pre- and post-testing or comparison groups. We use that evidence to ensure the effectiveness of the tools and to develop messaging to help inform communities about tools that can help them.

We have demonstrated that it is possible to meaningfully improve communities’ awareness and ability to intervene with a person who is exposed to harmful online content in as little as seven minutes of reading, and in videos as short as 30-seconds.

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