PERIL In The News

PERIL’s Innoculation Study Misinformation and disinformation play a key role in the appeal of ‘boogaloo’ anti-government extremist groups. Conspiracy theories about local, state, and federal governments coming to “take your guns” or control local populations in other ways play a role in the appeal of the boogaloo scene. Anti-government extremism in the US was already… Continue reading PERIL In The News

The Boogaloo Ballad of Henry Graves

Building Resilience & Confronting Risk

THE PARENTS & CAREGIVERS GUIDE TO ONLINE YOUTH RADICALIZATION It can be all too easy for people to become radicalized without even leaving home. The proliferation of extremist spaces and content online has created new and powerful avenues for radicalization, especially for young people who are often the targets of radical-right propaganda. That’s why, in… Continue reading Building Resilience & Confronting Risk

Global Internet Forum To Counter Terrorism

Download Good Practices, Tools, and Safety Measures for Researchers