PERIL has a three-part mission: we produce evidence-based tools for online and offline communities, create public impact, and cultivate next generation leadership.​


Extremism Research Intervention Studio

The ERIS team designs, tests, and implements empirically tested media interventions to prevent the spread of mis- and disinformation, conspiracy theories, supremacist ideology, and other components of extremism.

Translational Research and Education

The TRED team develops and tests evidence-based resources to equip communities and practitioners to prevent radicalization.




PERIL Global

The PERIL Global team works to build international dialogue, learning, and partnership across national boundaries in order to enhance learning about promising practices in prevention and democratic resilience. This has included work on global pandemic conspiracy theories in partnership with foreign governments, as well as in-person and virtual exchanges among practitioners and the translation and adaptation of tools which are then tested for use across national populations. 


Each of PERIL’s goals reflect its mission to create positive change by creating, implementing, and sharing sound research methods to reduce political polarization.

Design and test online and offline interventions to build resilience and reduce vulnerability to disinformation, propaganda, and the risk of extremist violence.

Share evidence and academic findings with policymakers and the public through op-eds, media appearances, Congressional testimony, agency briefings, lectures, and more.

Mentor, coach, and cultivate a diverse next generation of students and junior researchers who will help transform the prevention and intervention space.